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Uncovering Special Economic Cities

CCI Zambia teamed up with HOTFM Zambia for the radio series “Charter Cities: Uncovering Special Economic Cities.” The show seeks to socialize the concept of charter cities and to engage people in discussions about charter cities as an innovative development model that can address Africa’s urbanization challenges

Show: Hot Seat

Episode One: Introducing Charter Cities

Show: Red Hot Breakfast

Episode Two: Decentralized Governance

Show: Red Hot Breakfast

Episode Three: Urban Planning in Africa

Show: Red Hot Breakfast

Episode Four: Public-Private Partnerships

Maggie Mwansa – Policy Associate – CCI

Malindi Msoni-Chatora – ZIPAR


Show: Red Hot Breakfast

Episode Five: Cities and Economic Development

Show: Red Hot Breakfast

Episode Six: Closing in on Charter Cities

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Our Projects


Africa’s NXT50 Cities Coalition

The NXT50 Cities Coalition is a global initiative that supports the development of thriving new cities in Africa. NXT50 convenes and mobilizes key stakeholders who are dedicated to harnessing Africa’s rapid urbanization for human prosperity.

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Lusaka Urban Lab

The Lab is a multidisciplinary research rub that generates new research and facilitates knowledge exchange on urban issues in Lusaka. This initiative aims to help bridge the gap between urban scholars, communities, and policymakers.

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November 16-18, 2023 | Kigali, Rwanda


You won’t want to miss the first-ever Africa’s New Cities Summit!