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Africa’s Next 50 Cities Coalition

Next 50 Cities Coalition

A global initiative to support the development of new African cities.

Africa’s Next 50 Cities Coalition (NXT50) is helping create a roadmap for what the next fifty cities built in Africa will look like. NXT50 convenes and mobilizes key stakeholders who are dedicated to harnessing Africa’s rapid urbanization for human prosperity. The coalition’s aim is to facilitate the building of thriving new cities that create jobs, foster investment and innovation, and promote human flourishing across the continent.

Coalition Members

Principles of the Next 50 Cities Coalition

  • Human flourishing: Africa’s rapid urbanization must be harnessed to advance human flourishing.
  • Inclusive economic growth: New, thriving cities can spring from this rapid urbanization, and kick-start inclusive and sustained economic growth. 
  • Implementation partnerships: Partnerships must be forged that leverage the strengths of the public sector, the private sector, and multilaterals to build these new cities. 
  • Technological innovation: New technologies and innovations must be applied to effectively finance, build, operate, and govern new cities.
  • De-risked urban investment: Economic activities of new cities must be formalized, bankable, and de-risked via effective decentralized governance in the form of a city charter. 

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Policy change doesn’t happen without building a coalition dedicated to reform. Africa’s Next 50 Cities Coalition will bring together diverse stakeholders, all playing a key part in getting new cities financed, built, and governed effectively.


If you are involved with a new city project, interested in pursuing one, or want to join the coalition, sign up below. If you have any questions, please reach out to Julian Mukiibi.