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The Charter Cities Podcast guides listeners through the process of building a charter city. Each episode features a guest with expertise in institutions, cities, real estate, international development, and more to offer listeners an inside view into the world of charter cities.

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Charter Cities Podcast Episode 13: A Look Behind the Charter Cities Movement with Mark Lutter and Kurtis Lockhart

Hello and welcome to The Charter Cities Podcast. I’m your host, Mark Lutter, the Founder and Executive Director of The Charter Cities Institute. On The Charter Cities Podcast, we illuminate the various aspects of building a charter city, from governance to urban planning, politics to finance, we hope listeners to The Charter Cities Podcast will come away with a deep understanding of charter cities, as well as the steps necessary to build them…

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Charter Cities Atlas: Venice with Thibault Serlet and Corey Tazzara

Today’s episode is a bonus episode, where we take a deep dive into the Italian Renaissance (with a focus on Venice) with world-renowned expert, Professor Corey Tazzara. From the fall of the Roman Empire to the formation of independent city-states, to the financial and political ramifications of the crusades, to the rise and fall of Venice as an economic powerhouse, this conversation has it all!

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Charter Cities Podcast Episode 21: Founding a Pan-African University with Leonard Wantchekon

From fleeing Benin for his pro-democracy activism to becoming a renowned Princeton professor and founding one of Africa’s most prestigious universities, Leonard Wantchekon’s life is as impressive as his economic and political research. Today we speak with Leonard and explore his story, academic work, and how he founded the African School of Economics (ASE). After sharing details

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Charter Cities Podcast Episode 18: Ancient Cities with Greg Woolf

Cities may have seemed more fragile during the global COVID-19 lockdowns but, as Greg Woolf’s impressive studies of early urbanism show, cities have been re-invented many times. In today’s episode, listeners hear from Greg, an historian and archaeologist specializing in the late Iron Age and the Roman Empire. Greg is currently the Director of the Institute of

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Charter Cities Podcast Episode 2: Gyude Moore on building governance from scratch, the importance of roads, and the challenges and opportunities in Africa

For our second episode of the Charter Cities Podcast, Mark is joined by Gyude Moore to discuss his experiences in and the history of Liberia, the challenges facing emerging markets and of charter cities. Gyude takes a brief look at the defining moments in Liberian history for this discussion, mentioning the population that arrived from America in

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