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New Cities Map

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The New Cities Map

The Charter Cities Institute is proud to announce the launch of the most comprehensive map and data set curated on master-planned cities: The New Cities Map. The data, which has been collected and visualized in the form of an interactive map, has been made available to the public since its launch on May 30, 2023.

The New Cities Map is a groundbreaking tool that marks a significant milestone in the field of urban planning and governance. It provides researchers with access to critical information on all existing New Cities, enabling a generation of innovative solutions for the future of urban development and transforming the landscape of urban planning worldwide.

Press and Media

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This map is for EVERYONE: urban planners, urban scholars, architects, anthropologists, economists, academics, journalists, political scientists, sociologists, and policymakers.


We spent 18 months identifying, cataloging, and mapping every modern master-planned city in the world. For each city, we collected extensive data on their management, finances, governance, and history.


As the Global South rapidly urbanizes, we hope our map helps researchers and policymakers generate actionable policy recommendations to improve lives in our urban future.