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Student Diaries: Subilo Banda on Charter Cities

Our new blog series called ‘Student Diaries: Perspectives on Urbanization & Development’ aims to amplify student voices on urbanization and development issues in Africa. Our first blog is by Subilo Banda, a student at the University of Zambia, discussing an alternative avenue to fostering economic growth in developing nations.

A photo during the walking event

Walking the Un-Walkable: First Outing

One afternoon in 2021 in D.C., we made fun of a friend who couldn’t cross a street properly. My friend who grew up in a sub-Saharan city said she was

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Africa’s NXT50 Cities Coalition

The NXT50 Cities Coalition is a global initiative that supports the development of thriving new cities in Africa. NXT50 convenes and mobilizes key stakeholders who are dedicated to harnessing Africa’s rapid urbanization for human prosperity.

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Lusaka Urban Lab

The Lab is a multidisciplinary research rub that generates new research and facilitates knowledge exchange on urban issues in Lusaka. This initiative aims to help bridge the gap between urban scholars, communities, and policymakers.

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