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Real-time analysis of charter cities and related topics.

Honduras repealed its charter city law. What happened and what happens next?

In Honduras, the National Congress unanimously repealed the constitutional amendment and enabling law for charter cities, known as Zonas de Empleo de Desarrollo Económico (Zones for Employment and Economic Development) or ZEDEs. Now we take a deeper look at what happened in Honduras, and what comes next.

CCI Commentary and Updates: June 2022

It’s nearly half-way through 2022, so it’s a great time to give updates on what CCI’s been up to during the prior six months. It’s been a hugely productive first half-year, so fasten your seatbelts!

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Cities Are a Solution to Climate Change, But It’s Up to Us

This Earth Day, it’s time to admit that one of the most promising solutions to climate change is too often excluded from the conversation: cities. Instead, cities are often portrayed as the cause of climate change. We argue that cities can be one of the most effective tools to fight climate change.

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The 20’s: Violent Inferno or Controlled Burn?

CCI Founder Mark Lutter predicted back in 2020 that this decade would be half “burning ’20s” and half “weird ’20s” with different forms of social organizations, communes, charter cities, religion, trying to fill the void. Acting Executive Director and Head of Research Kurtis Lockhart unpacks this foresight.

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Charter Cities and Climate Change

Charter cities can play an outsized role in the climate change agenda. Since charter cities are limited to new special jurisdictions, policymakers can test innovative ideas in a smaller geographic area.

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The Intellectual History of Cities

The purpose of this research project is to sketch the broad intellectual history of the role self-governing cities have played in economic and political development, from ancient times to the present.

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Somaliland Free Trade Zone Legislation

Somaliland is an autonomous region in the Horn of Africa that unilaterally declared independence from Somalia in 1991. Not only has Somaliland maintained democratic governance, but it has also made continual efforts to improve this governance and recently passed the “Somaliland Special Economic Zones Law.”

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The Importance of Ports

Ports need trade to justify the investment, governance to ensure effective operation, capital to be built and maintained. That ports are part of a larger process that can be described as development does not make them unimportant.

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