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The Lab

The Lusaka Urban Lab is an initiative from CCI Zambia to generate new research and facilitate knowledge sharing on urban issues in Lusaka.


The Lusaka Urban Lab is a multidisciplinary research hub that bridges the gap between urban scholars, communities, and policymakers by engaging in research projects about the many urban issues facing Lusaka and its residents.

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Our Goals


Drive conversations about urban challenges in Lusaka


Bridge the gap between communities and policymakers


Identify and implement solutions

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The Lusaka Urban Lab aims to drive the conversation on improving infrastructure, public services, and economic growth in Lusaka. For further questions or to get involved, please email [email protected]

Our Projects

Lusaka Cairo Road Urbanism & Architecture

Cairo Road: Architecture and Urbanism

Exploring the architecture and urbanism of Cairo Road, one of the oldest streets in Lusaka

Lusaka Building Up Not Out

Why Lusaka Builds Out, Not Up

Researching the “pancakes and pyramids” development pattern in Lusaka

Lusaka Walking the Unwalkable

Walking the Un-Walkable

Engaging local youth and university students in Lusaka to identify opportunities to improve walkability