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Lola Ogunsanya

Lola Ogunsanya

Chief of Staff

Ololade “Lola” Ogunsanya is a researcher, policy analyst, and project manager. She holds a Joint Honours MSc in Anthropology and Development Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Joint Honors BSc in International Relations and Business from Aston University.

Ololade possesses an expert understanding of the nature of relations between states and the role played by international institutions, intergovernmental organizations, multinational corporations, and NGOs. With advanced knowledge of the international development arena, She can recognize and analyze the economic, technical, financial, social, and organizational parameters within which leaders make effective decisions.

Prior to joining the Charter Cities Institute as a Special Projects Lead, Ololade Worked as a Researcher at the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat), where she provided substantive and technical support for the UN Member States in the implementation of development Agendas. Her contributions are featured in the World Cities Report 2020, New Urban Agenda Reporting Guidelines, World Urban Forum 10 Background Paper, Saudi Cities Report 2019, SDG 11 Synthesis Report for the High-Level Political Forum 2018, and The City Prosperity Initiative-Wuhan City.

In the field, Ololade has volunteered for various organizations such as Red Cross, Oxfam, and Save the Children in Europe, Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. She is committed to the goal of bringing an end to global poverty.


Planning Guidelines

Urban planning is ultimately a dynamic process that must evolve as the needs of the city evolve. These guidelines provide an overview of how charter city planners can effectively create a charter city that generates sustained and inclusive economic growth.

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charter cities atlas

Charter Cities Atlas: Venice with Thibault Serlet and Corey Tazzara

Today’s episode is a bonus episode, where we take a deep dive into the Italian Renaissance (with a focus on Venice) with world-renowned expert, Professor Corey Tazzara. From the fall of the Roman Empire to the formation of independent city-states, to the financial and political ramifications of the crusades, to the rise and fall of Venice as an economic powerhouse, this conversation has it all!

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