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Talent City

Talent City is an innovative city being built from scratch that aims to attract tech entrepreneurs and professionals. Africa’s “Silicon Valley” hopes to reimagine the future of cities, creating jobs and attracting the talent that drives Africa’s technology, innovation, and digital economy. 


CCI’s Impact

Talent City is a member of CCI’s NXT50 Cities Coalition. As a coalition member, the Talent City team participates in project showcases, events, pitches, and conferences. 

Enyimba Economic City

The Enyimba Economic City is a tax and duty free special economic zone that aims to transform Abia State, Nigeria into a manufacturing and industrial powerhouse. It’s designed to create a global business hub in Nigeria with world class infrastructure and to promote the integration of Nigerian businesses into regional and global value chains.  


CCI’s Impact

EEC won first place in CCI’s 2019 Business Plan Contest. Along with EEC’s legal team, CCI co-drafted EEC’s draft city regulations that were submitted to the Nigeria Export Processing Zone Authority (NEPZA). A final version of these regulations were approved into law.