Enyimba Economic City

Location:  Abia State, Nigeria

Project Type: City

Type of City: Specialty City


The Enyimba Economic City is a 9,464 hectare tax and duty free special economic zone that aims to transform Abia State, Nigeria into a manufacturing and industrial powerhouse. It’s designed to create a global business hub in Nigeria with world class infrastructure, including dedicated 24/7 power, and broadband internet. 


Enyimba Economic City will promote the integration of Nigerian businesses into regional and global value chains. It is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) under the Made in Nigeria for Export (MINE) Programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria, and it has a Free Trade Zone Status. The project is fully conceptualized and Phase One is designed and shovel ready.


CCI Involvement

EEC won first place in Charter Cities Institute’s 2019 Business Plan Contest. Along with EEC’s legal team, CCI co-drafted EEC’s draft city regulations that were then submitted to the Nigeria Export Processing Zone Authority (NEPZA) for approval. A final version of these city regulations for EEC were approved into law.