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Talent City

Location:  Lagos, Nigeria (Lekki Free Zone)

Project Type: City

Type of City: Specialty City


Talent City is an innovative city being built from scratch that aims to attract tech entrepreneurs and professionals. Africa’s “Silicon Valley” hopes to reimagine the future of cities, creating jobs and attracting the talent that drives Africa’s technology, innovation, and digital economy. 


Talent City Lagos is a 72,000-square-meter plot of land located in Alaro City, a 2,000 hectare city-scale development area in the Lekki Free Zone. This first prototype city, featuring a central coworking campus and a variety of housing options, is aimed to house 1,000 residents and 2,500 remote workers. 


It will provide: reliable digital infrastructure,  including constant power and high-speed internet; favorable policies that enable innovation; and a like-minded community of people who live and work in proximity to each other. 


Charter Cities Institute Involvement

Talent City is a member of CCI’s NXT50 Cities Coalition. As a coalition member, the Talent City team participates in project showcases, events, pitches, and conferences.