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NYU New Cities Conference

Innovative Approaches for Urban Transformation in the Global South

What: NYU New Cities Conference

When: March 11, 2023

Where: Brooklyn, New York

On March 11th, the Charter Cities Institute and NYU Marron Institute of Urban Management will co-host the NYU New Cities Conference. The Global South is facing rapid urbanization, and addressing the challenges of fast-paced urban growth will require unconventional solutions. The conference will bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss innovative solutions to the ongoing urban transformation in the Global South, with a focus on urban expansion and new cities.

The NYU New Cities Conference is part of CCI’s ongoing New Cities Conference series, which aims to develop an academic community focused on studying urban expansion and new cities construction in the Global South. Check out our last conference co-hosted with the MIT Sustainable Urbanization Lab here.

Due to limited space, the event is not open for public registration. If you are interested in attending, please reach out to Tommie Thompson at [email protected]. Conference presentations will be recorded and uploaded after the event.

About The NYU Marron Institute of Urban Management

The NYU Marron Institute is an applied research center working with cities to take on critical challenges of urban living. As the world rapidly urbanizes, the urban environment is fundamental to our global future. Cities are central to climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. They are laboratories for new models of governance, planning and innovation, and they represent diverse societies grappling with questions of equity, inclusion, and opportunity.

About Charter Cities Institute

The Charter Cities Institute (CCI) is a nonprofit dedicated to building the ecosystem for new planned cities. It was founded on the idea that a fresh approach was necessary to tackle humanity’s most pressing challenges: global poverty, rapid urbanization, conflict, migration, and climate change. Charter cities—new cities granted a special jurisdiction to create a new governance system—can be an integral part of the solution.

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