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Urban October Webinars

CCI is excited to announce a series of two webinars as part of our efforts to contribute to the global conversation on the challenges and opportunities presented by rapid urbanization during Urban October. Urban October, initiated by UN-Habitat in 2014, is a global event that aims to raise awareness, promote participation, generate knowledge, and engage the international community in creating better urban futures. Throughout the month of October, stakeholders worldwide organize or participate in events and activities to promote sustainable urban development. 

These webinars form part of the activities that CCI will be hosting to foster insightful and thought-provoking discussions on how cities can play a greater role in driving inclusive and sustainable development. The webinars will convene several stakeholders from academia, civil society, think tanks, development organizations, governments, and subnational governments, to discuss crucial issues related to planning, governing, and financing sustainable urban development. The webinars will serve as a platform for amplifying this year’s Urban October theme ‘Resilient Urban Economies. Cities as drivers of Growth and Recovery’.

The webinars will allow participants from around the world to join remotely. It will include presentations by the speakers, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session where participants can engage with the experts.

1st Webinar

Thursday, 19th October 2023

Time: 9am CAT

Building Resilient Cities of the Future

This webinar titled
“Building Resilient Cities of the Future” will set the stage for this year’s Urban October theme. It will bring together experts and stakeholders from various sectors to discuss strategies and approaches for building resilient cities that can support recovery, drive growth, and withstand future challenges. The session will explore innovative solutions, policies, financing and practices that can contribute to creating resilient urban economies. 

Prof. Shuaib Lwasa: 10 minutes — Keynote Speaker

(will deliver a keynote presentation on key principles and strategies for building resilient urban economies in Africa)

Panelists (5 minutes each)

  1. CCI: will share research, case studies of urban resiliences and the role of charter cities in promoting resilient urban economies that drive growth 
  2. UN-Habitat: will provide insights into global initiatives and frameworks to build resilient cities 
  3. Zambia Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development: will discuss national policy frameworks and programmes for building resilient economies
  4. AfDB Africa Development Bank: will highlight financing mechanisms for resilience-building projects in urban areas
  5. Youth: will speak on community engagement and participation in building resilient economies that drive recovery and growth

Q&A – 15 minutes

Moderator: Mandipa Ndlovu – Strategic Advisor, Charter Cities Institute

2nd Webinar

Wednesday, 25
th October 2023

Time: 3pm CAT

Data, Cities, and Inclusive Sustainable Growth

The second webinar titled
“Data, Cities, and Inclusive Sustainable Growth” will delve into the realm of data-driven approaches to foster inclusive and sustainable urban development. This session will shed light on current innovative initiatives to generate subnational (city) data. It will explore the data gaps and implications for policy targeting, monitoring progress and ultimately, driving inclusive and sustainable growth.

Presenters (15 minutes each)

  1. UN-Habitat: To present on their urban data initiatives
  2. CCI: To present the New Cities Map
  3. Harvard Growth Lab: To present the Metroverse
  4. Afrobarometer/Mo Ibrahim Foundation: Governance data

Q&A – 25 minutes

Moderator: Mwanda Phiri – Africa Lead, Charter Cities Institute

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