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Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research

Location:  Zambia

Project: MFEZ Cities Policy Project


ZIPAR is a think tank that conducts research and policy analysis to inform public policy. ZIPAR supports government, the private sector, civil society organizations and other stakeholders by providing evidence-based policy advice. ZIPAR also promotes policy dialogue between the Zambian government and a wide range of stakeholders, facilitating an inclusive process in the planning and management of economic affairs. 


CCI Involvement

CCI and ZIPAR signed a MOU on December 22, 2021 primarily to cooperate in promoting increased competitiveness and investor friendly practices benchmarked on charter cities best practices in Zambia. This strategic partnership was formed to advance a shared goal to support Zambia in achieving its long term development aspiration of becoming a prosperous middle income country by year 2030. 


CCI has committed to cooperate in undertaking evidence-based research aimed at improving investment attraction, job creation and more broadly, economic development in Zambia, including through public-private partnerships.