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Small Farm Cities Africa

Location: Malawi

Project Type: City

Type of City: Specialty City

Located west of Lilongwe, Mpingu Gardens is SFC’s first project in Malawi. Anchored by greenhouse agriculture and commercial fishponds, SFC offers hyper-affordable housing finance options to over 100 residents and offers a variety of training programs, recreation activities, and municipal infrastructure. Titanium Gateway, SFC’s second project in Malawi, will also offer affordable housing and communities amenities at a larger scale, for at least 1,000 residents. Restaurants, a medical center, a research center, and other projects will also be included. Efficient agriculture will serve as part of the economic anchor for Titanium Gateway, in addition to other businesses and workers connected to Malawi’s new titanium mine.

CCI Involvement:

SFC Founder and CEO Jon Vandenheuvel is a Senior Advisor at the Charter Cities Institute. The original idea and venture capital funding for SFC was developed at a CCI event, and CCI is working with SFC to have the Titanium Gateway project established as a special economic zone under Malawi’s newly revised zone law.