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Pavel Velkovsky

Pavel Velkovsky

Partnerships Intern

Pavel is a law student at the University of Washington and holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and French from UC Berkeley. He has worked as a legal assistant at Sanford Heisler Sharp, a public interest and employment law firm headquartered in Washington DC. Pavel is passionate about energy and environmental policy and hopes to contribute to a more prosperous and sustainable world.


war and constitutions

Charter Cities Podcast Episode 66: Leander Moons on Mass Timber Construction in Africa

Discover how Africa’s embrace of sustainable infrastructure, led by innovators like Leander Moons of Studio OMT Architects, is shaping a greener future. In this episode, we delve into the rising trend of mass timber construction, its potential impact on global sustainability, and the collaborative efforts with local communities. From Fumba Town Zanzibar to Africa’s tallest timber tower, explore the promising projects and discussions driving eco-conscious development. Tune in for an inspiring dialogue on Africa’s role in influencing green choices worldwide.

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Resilient Cities

Building Resilient Cities: The Role of Charter Cities in Promoting Resilient Urban Development

This paper explores how cities, particularly in the Global South, can tackle the challenges of climate change and rapid urbanization to become resilient centers of sustainable development. Focusing on the concept of charter cities—newly established urban areas with innovative governance—the paper discusses their potential to strategically manage urban growth, develop sustainable infrastructure, and implement adaptive governance practices. Despite challenges, charter cities offer a pathway to building resilient urban centers that drive economic prosperity and innovation in the face of climate change.

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Making Bad Urban Laws Better: Can the Urban Physician Replace the Urban Politician in Africa?

In response to evolving global priorities and local challenges, our latest research paper, titled “Making Bad Urban Laws Better: Can the Urban Physician Replace the Urban Politician in Africa?” delves into the dynamic landscape of urban policy reform in Africa. Drawing from the Biden administration’s strategic shift towards urbanization and the comprehensive analyses of international organizations, we explore the emergence of the “urban physician” – a technocratic figure tasked with enacting policy changes to enhance urban governance. However, our analysis goes beyond surface-level assessments of “bad laws,” urging a deeper examination of their origins, impacts, and vested interests. We argue that alongside the urban physician, skilled “urban politicians” are essential for navigating complex political landscapes, building coalitions, and driving meaningful reform. Through a series of case studies and discussions, we shed light on the symbiotic relationship between these two actors and advocate for a holistic approach to urban policy reform in Africa.

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