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Fumba Town

Location: Fumba Town, Zanzibar

Project Type: City

Type of City: Specialty City

Fumba Town is located 15km south of the Zanzibar International Airport and is a 20 minute drive from Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city is being developed on 149 acres, with 1.5km of seafront. At present, Fumba is planned to include 3,000 residential units, with over 700 Phase 1 units completed or under construction as of March 2023. Further land acquisition and development plans are being considered, including locations for a permanent African School of Economics (ASE) campus.

CCI Involvement:

At the 2023 Africa’s New Cities Summit, CCI signed a joint memorandum of understanding with CPS, the developer of Fumba Town, and the African School of Economics. CCI is assisting CPS with planning for the expansion of Fumba Town, revising the Fumba Special Economic Zone regulations (in coordination with the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority), and community building efforts throughout the wider Fumba area. CCI is working with ASE to establish its first East African campus in Zanzibar, which will serve as an anchor tenant for the expansion of Fumba Town, by assisting with faculty recruitment, curriculum development, fundraising, and other activities. CCI will also lead on the development of a new Africa-focused urban economics lab at ASE-Zanzibar.