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Eva joined the Charter Cities Institute as a researcher in February 2023. Her primary research interests include urban development, climate adaptation and resilience, and social capital. Prior to joining CCI, Eva worked as a researcher for the Gender, Justice, and Security Hub at the London School of Economics, where she focused on measuring wellbeing. She has also worked as a consultant for the Sustainability and Infrastructure Team in the Development Research Group of the World Bank. Eva holds an MA in international economics and international development from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a BA in economics and international studies from the Johns Hopkins University.


war and constitutions

Charter Cities Podcast Episode 65: Mark Lutter on the Charter Cities Ecosystem, Zanzibar, and the Caribbean

How do you take the positive aspects of Silicon Valley, and apply it to a radically different context like developing charter cities? Today, Jeffrey Mason, Head of Research at the Charter Cities Institute (CCI), is joined by Mark Lutter, Founder of CCI, and CEO of Braavos Cities, to discuss how the charter cities ecosystem has evolved over the past few years and what he’s learned about building successful coalitions. Mark tells us about the circumstances that motivated him to found CCI, and what it’s been like combining key features of Silicon Valley, (like entrepreneurial spirit, disruption, and innovation) with the challenging work of creating a coalition of different stakeholders — some of whom are likely to be relatively conservative. We discuss the broader ecosystem that CCI has been building, and how it can act as a force multiplier for other cities, before learning more about CCI’s most recent projects, including their endeavors in Zanzibar and how they are contributing to development there. Mark also expands on his new company, Braavos Cities, their long-term goals, and the work that they are doing in the Caribbean. We wrap up our conversation with an overview of exciting developments to pay attention to in the charter cities space, from Zanzibar to California, and how to gain momentum in politically challenging environments. Be sure to tune in for a deep dive into the evolution of charter cities and their broader ecosystem!

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Student Diaries: Subilo Banda on Charter Cities

Our new blog series called ‘Student Diaries: Perspectives on Urbanization & Development’ aims to amplify student voices on urbanization and development issues in Africa. Our first blog is by Subilo Banda, a student at the University of Zambia, discussing an alternative avenue to fostering economic growth in developing nations.

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