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Walking the Un-Walkable: Findings Report

Urban infrastructure in major cities is inadequate to support pedestrian mobility. In Zambia, for example, the majority of citizens rely on walking for their daily travel, but unfortunately, sidewalks are often inaccessible or non-existent, and urban expansion makes travel time longer. To help address this issue, CCI, in collaboration with key stakeholders, conducted a participatory research project called ‘Walking the Un-walkable’. The project aimed to map and address walkability in Lusaka, identifying the challenges pedestrians face while walking and highlighting opportunities for improvement. The findings and recommendations were mapped using methods including participatory policy-making, transect walking/mapping, co-design, and validation workshops. This report outlines the findings identified in the walks and the verification workshop conducted with key stakeholders. With cities like Lusaka continuing to grow rapidly, it is crucial to understand how infrastructure and urban form can effectively meet the needs of urban residents.

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Walking the Un-Walkable: First Publication

“Walking the Un-Walkable” delves into the act of walking in Lusaka, examining both the obstacles and possibilities for enhancement. The project seeks to produce policy briefs and research that are grounded in evidence. Our goal is to provide guidance for a transformative approach to urban planning, policies, and infrastructure investments that prioritize a more accessible and pedestrian-friendly built environment. “Walking the Un-Walkable” revolves around four designated walks, designed to replicate the walking experience along specific routes and thereby identify hurdles and deficiencies in pedestrian pathways. This publication documents the outcomes of the initial walk and mapping exercise, incorporating insights from local partners, community members, and participating students. Future publications will be released to document subsequent phases of the project.

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Lusaka Cairo Road Urbanism & Architecture

Cairo Road: Urbanism and Architecture

Fascinated by the striking, modern architecture of Cairo Road, the project team aims to answer questions on the history of one of the oldest roads in the city. The main goal of this project is to document Cairo Road’s urbanism and architectural histories.

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