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Links Roundup: March 2020

‍Nkwashi, Covid, Nigerian Ports and More: Links Roundup March 2020

Rwanda is taking the threat of coronavirus seriously, perhaps more than many countries in Europe and the United States did. Hand washing stations have been deployed at bus stations, restaurants, bars, banks, and shops throughout Kigali.

Mwiya Musokotwane, who is building Nkwashi and a close friend of CCI, just launched Explorer Academy, an online apprenticeship for software developers. CCI Executive Director Mark Lutter is proud to be on the Board of Directors.

Nigerian ports are underperforming compared to Ghanaian and South Africa ports. Congestion and inefficiencies at Lagos’ Apapa port makes transporting goods to a local warehouse over seven times as expensive compared with goods coming into the ports at Tema, Ghana and Durban, South Africa.  

Tyler Cowen, through his Emergent Ventures program at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, is offering $1 million in various prizes for coronavirus work that include awards for rapidly developed treatments, investigative journalism, and more.

From the International Growth Centre blog: getting performance incentives for bureaucrats right is tricky.

Kelsey Piper interviews a health policy researcher on how Taiwan’s use of a 124-point response system has resulted in just 45 coronavirus cases, despite close links to China.

Although no such systems currently exist, Alon Levy discusses how rapid transit systems could be used to transport light freight like parcels.

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