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Shreya Jose Maliakal

Shreya Jose Maliakal

Partnerships Intern

Shreya graduated with a MSc in Economics, Risk and Society from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her research expertise lies in the analysis of current transformations in the socio-economic system, specifically, the rise of new forms of financial activity, new varieties of money, new spheres of economic activity and their challenges, thereof. 

Promoting regulatory harmonization she has worked on governance, risk and policy formulation in the space of: animal protection laws, coal mining and land acts (India), microfinance schemes (Bangladesh), SEC policies on exchange of money and assets (US) and Global Countrywise policies on exchange of alternate money forms (China, US, India). 

Her passion for global development led her to actively participate in several international programs including the UBELONG program in Vietnam where she worked with children suffering from the side effects of Agent Orange.


war and constitutions

Charter Cities Podcast Episode 53: Emergent Tokyo

A lively conversation with Joe McReynolds, co-author of Emergent Tokyo: Designing the Spontaneous City about the characteristics of Tokyo urbanism, the role of policy in the city, lessons that may be applied to charter cities, and also some of Joe’s thoughts on China’s current military capabilities.

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Web3-enabled Harbergeorgism: A Policy Mechanism for Charter Cities

Charter cities, and special jurisdictions more broadly, can boost economic growth, prompt institutional reform, and allow for diverse policy experimentation. However, how to conceptualize the optimal economic model to guide the development of a charter city or special jurisdiction remains unclear. Web3-enabled Harbergeorgism is one such model that is well-suited to the charter city context.

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