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Effective Altruism: The Case for Charter Cities Within the Effective Altruist Framework

Sustained economic growth is the world’s best poverty reduction tool. In this paper, Research Associate Jeffrey Mason argues that charter cities are a highly cost-effective way to ignite long-run growth.

Effective altruism posits that rigorous evidence and analysis should be used to direct attention and resources to the causes that do the most good. Global poverty, animal welfare, and long-term risk mitigation are the three broad cause areas that have attracted the greatest attention from the effective altruist community (Centre for Effective Altruism 2016). Within the global poverty sphere, anti-malaria efforts, deworming initiatives1, and direct cash transfer programs are among the interventions most widely credited with providing the most cost-effective improvement in welfare for the global poor than any other intervention (GiveWell). Millions of the world’s poor have benefitted from the contributions of the highly effective organizations that perform such interventions.

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