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Call for Papers: 2022 New Cities Conference

Submit your paper for the 2022 New Cities Conference, hosted by CCI and the MIT Sustainable Urbanization Lab, that focuses on utilizing new cities in the 21st century as economic engines.

On October 2, the 2022 New Cities Conference will bring together researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds to initiate a dialogue to get new cities “right.” The conference welcomes a diverse set of papers on new cities development, with a particular focus on their role as engines of economic growth and global development.

Scholars interested in participating in the conference are encouraged to submit their papers via PDF format to the Charter Cities Institute for review. Submissions should include the full paper, an abstract, the name of the researcher’s affiliated institute, and a link to their academic website (if available). Draft submissions are acceptable. 

Please email submissions and questions directly to Tommie Thompson at [email protected] by September 1, 2022. See more details below. If you’re interested in attending the event on October 2, please reach out to Tommie with your interest as well.

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