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Quantitative Research Internship

Quantitative Research Internship

November 2, 2022

The Charter Cities Institute (CCI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering new cities with better governance to lift tens of millions of people out of poverty. We are actively collaborating with governments in the Global South to advance policies aimed at utilizing special jurisdictions to mitigate diverse challenges. Through researching topics such as employment, economic growth, migration, and infrastructure development, we aim to impact city development and improve lives.


Roles & Expectations

The quantitative research internship is designed for individuals with a passion for research in Economics, Law, Governance, Public Policy, International Development, and related subjects. The intern will work closely with the research team to develop and execute an independent quantitative research project focused on one of the following research themes:

  • New Cities and Secondary Cities
  • Decentralized Governance
  • Industrial Policy and Special Economic Zones
  • Cultural Economics
  • Urban Geography and Economics


For more details on CCI’s research priorities, see our research agenda.


The intern should have a strong academic or policy interest in economic development, urban policy, local governance, and poverty alleviation in the global south. The intern should also have strong quantitative research skills necessary to execute the research project. Interns will have an opportunity to receive academic guidance and mentorship on their research project.


The expected output is a working paper or blog post for the CCI website. 



  • Undergraduate/Graduate student in Economics, Political Science, International Development, Public Policy, or other related fields.
  • Ability to conduct independent research.
  • Experience with academic or policy research.
  • Quantitative skills in econometrics, statistics, and/or spatial analysis.
  • Programming skills in R, Stata, Python, and/or ArcGIS.



Remote or Washington, DC



CCI offers a $2,500 stipend for the 3-month period, to be paid in two installments at the midpoint and end of the internship after delivery of the research output.


What Success Will Look Like

At the end of the internship, the intern will have demonstrated the competence and capacity to complete a large research project from start to finish. The intern will learn how to conduct research efficiently and to translate that research into original written work. The intern will develop an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset as much of CCI’s work is in an advisory capacity or is related to new, unexplored ideas. This internship program will make participants better students and better prepared to enter their chosen professional field.


The intern will also have produced a full-fledged research output.


Application Instructions

Applicants must submit a Resume, Cover Letter, Writing Sample, and Coding Sample. In the Cover Letter, please provide some ideas for a potential research project. Please apply below or send documents to [email protected].

How to Apply

Please submit a Resume, Cover Letter & Writing Sample below or via email to [email protected]