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Meghan Horihan

Meghan Horihan

Digital Media Associate

Meghan Horihan is a marketing and media specialist with 6+ years experience in content creation and multimedia storytelling. Specializing in driving engagement and growing audiences, she has expertise in digital marketing, social media, and video production. She has advanced knowledge in developing and implementing digital strategy to improve brand awareness and online presence.

By starting her career as a journalist in China and her cross-cultural experiences from traveling to 30+ countries, Meghan has a global perspective as well as an understanding of the complexities of different cultures and how they are interconnected. Meghan was a double major in Journalism and Mass Communications and American Studies and received an Entrepreneurial Management certification at the University of Iowa.


Paul Romer

Paul Romer and the Suez and Panama Canals

This paper contributes to the growing literature around charter cities and new city developments and makes a case for the salience of the charter city model from two surprising case studies – the Suez and Panama Canals.

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charter cities

The 20’s: Violent Inferno or Controlled Burn?

CCI Founder Mark Lutter predicted back in 2020 that this decade would be half “burning ’20s” and half “weird ’20s” with different forms of social organizations, communes, charter cities, religion, trying to fill the void. Acting Executive Director and Head of Research Kurtis Lockhart unpacks this foresight.

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Charter Cities and Climate Change

Charter cities can play an outsized role in the climate change agenda. Since charter cities are limited to new special jurisdictions, policymakers can test innovative ideas in a smaller geographic area.

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