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Dr. Mark Lutter

Dr. Mark Lutter

Founder and Board Member

Dr. Mark Lutter is the Founder and a board member of the Charter Cities Institute. He is also a Strategic Advisor to the Victoria Harbour Group, a firm that is building a new city for the Hong Kong people. He is on the Board of Directors of Explorer Academy, a Zambian education platform. He has a PhD in economics from George Mason University where his research focused on charter cities. Prior to launching the Institute, he was Lead Economist for NeWAY Capital, an asset management firm which made early stage investments in charter cities. He has been published in several newspapers and magazines including the Chicago Tribune, City Journal, CityAM, and Cato Unbound.

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importance of ports

The Importance of Ports

Ports need trade to justify the investment, governance to ensure effective operation, capital to be built and maintained. That ports are part of a larger process that can be described as development does not make them unimportant.

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