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Jeffrey Mason

Jeffrey Mason

Head of Research

Jeffrey joined CCI as a Researcher in 2019. His research interests include urban economics, structural transformation, special economic zones, and technology ecosystems. He has worked on policy advisory projects in Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, and Honduras, among other countries. Prior to joining the Charter Cities Institute, Jeffrey worked as an MA Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He holds a BA in economics from the University of Maryland and an MA in economics from George Mason University. His writing has been featured in publications including City Journal, Works in Progress, Investment Monitor, Quartz Africa, and The American Mind.


Big Thinkers and Charter Cities ft. Mancur Olson

Countries struggling with economic development face two critical challenges to overcome when trying to introduce substantive reforms— the logic of collective action and institutional sclerosis. These ideas were developed by Mancur Olson, a giant within institutional economics, in his two most well-known works: The Logic

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