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Arthur Wright

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Arthur Wright

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Arthur is an MA student in the Department of Economics at George Mason University, an MA Fellow at the Mercatus Center, and a researcher at PolicyEngine. Previously, he graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in philosophy and a minor in religious studies. His research interests include development economics, urbanism, immigration, and effective altruism.



The Journey of a Banana, Part One

Introduction: Ripening Questions There is something about buying fruits and vegetables straight from a street stand. Whenever I travel, I enjoy buying food from street shops while quickly chatting with the owner. I guess it makes me feel a bit closer to the place I

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Minimal Viable City

Minimum Viable City

Jon Vandenheuvel is obsessed. He is obsessed with affordability, auditability, and bankability. According to Jon, these three things are the keys to lifting developing economies out of poverty. Currently, he is focused on providing housing options to Africans with incomes between $50 and $250 a

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