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Malawi Secondary Cities Plan Implementation

Location:  Malawi

Project Type: Policy Project


In May 2022, the Malawi government, through the National Planning Commission (NPC), launched the Malawi Secondary Cities Plan (MSCP) that will help guide the development of eight cities across the country. These proposed secondary cities are a key part of the government’s policy response to Malawi’s rapid urbanization set to occur over the next three decades. This project aims to support the ‘Malawi 2063’ Vision, of which urbanization is one of the three key pillars.


This plan will help Malawi build well-governed and well-planned secondary cities that are anchored on economic activities in agriculture, tourism, mining, and industry. 


CCI Involvement

Charter Cities Institute signed a memorandum of understanding with the Malawi National Planning Commission to provide policy recommendations, a legal gap analysis, technical assistance around proactive urban planning, and other advisory services on the governance and legal frameworks of the eight proposed secondary city developments across Malawi, allowing these cities broader devolved powers relative to status quo cities and towns in Malawi