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MIT Sustainable Urbanization Lab and CCI Co-Hosting New Cities Conference

The MIT Sustainable Urbanization Lab and the Charter Cities Institute are co-hosting the 2022 New Cities Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

What: 2022 New Cities Conference

When: October 2, 2022

Where: Cambridge, Massachusetts 

The MIT Sustainable Urbanization Lab and the Charter Cities Institute are co-hosting the 2022 New Cities Conference. The conference will bring together urban scholars, economists, and practitioners to initiate a shared dialogue on the development of new cities in the Global South. 

The conference welcomes a diverse set of academic and applied presenters, including those from MIT (Toward Urban Economic Vibrancy: Patterns and Practices in Asia’s New Cities, 2020), the Charter Cities Institute (Governance Handbook, 2021), the World Bank (Private Cities, 2022), the 2022 Malawi Secondary Cities Plan, and the NYU Marron Institute (Ethiopia Urban Expansion Initiative, 2022). 

There are over 250 new cities being constructed in the Global South. If approached carelessly, these projects may develop into the same dysfunctional, unequal, and ineffective urban environments prevalent in much of the developing world. However, if executed well, new cities can become engines of economic vibrancy. 

Getting new cities “right” will require a diverse set of expertise, and the central goal of the conference is to initiate a dialogue between the relevant actors. This includes both scholars studying the consequences of new cities and stakeholders directly engaged in these projects.

Keep checking this page for the most up-to-date news from the conference. For any questions contact: [email protected] 


About MIT Sustainable Urbanization Lab

The MIT Sustainable Urbanization Lab (SUL) is a research center focused on studying the behavioral foundations of sustainable urban and environmental policies. Rapid urbanization across the world will have dramatic consequences for our economy, society, and the environment. By 2025, cities will generate over 86% of the global GDP and 70% of the world’s greenhouse gasses. Promoting sustainable urbanization will be critical if we hope to leverage this trend for global development.

About Charter Cities Institute

The Charter Cities Institute (CCI) is a nonprofit dedicated to building the ecosystem for new planned cities. It was founded on the idea that a fresh approach was necessary to tackle humanity’s most pressing challenges: global poverty, rapid urbanization, conflict, migration, and climate change. Charter cities—new cities granted a special jurisdiction to create a new governance system—can be an integral part of the solution.

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