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Ciudad Morazan

Location:  Outside Choloma, Honduras

Project Type: City

Type of City: Secondary City

Ciudad Morazán is a community located at the outskirts of Choloma, Honduras, the third largest city in the country and a vibrant manufacturing region. Morazán was the second ZEDE to be established in Honduras, prior to the repeal of the ZEDE law in April 2022.

With a focus on manufacturing and industrial processes, the project aims to provide prospective industrial tenants with a business-friendly environment and residents with safe, affordable housing and amenities. The first industry to move in will be project leader Massimo Mazzone’s pharmaceutical company. Future tenants will likely be maquilas (textile manufacturers).

CCI Involvement

In 2020, the Charter Cities Institute consulted on writing Morazan’s first laws and establishing the city’s institutional and governance framework.  CCI provided advice on best practices in structuring the city regulations.