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Cesare Adeniyi-Martins

Cesare Adeniyi-Martins

Partnerships Intern

Cesare graduated with a BSc in Banking and Finance at the University of Benin, Nigeria. He has recently completed his national service at the Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget in Lagos and intersected the inventory unit, data bank unit, and economic intelligence unit. He participated in projects such as; Lagos state data bank-, Lagos State 2021 Ministerial Press briefing, Lagos state 2021 magazine, Lagos state 50-years development plan.


His passion for special jurisdictions led him to volunteer as a contributing author at the Startup Societies Foundations’ Institute for competitive governance in 2021. More recently, he became an ambassador of the Free Private Cities Foundation in Nigeria. Cesare has shown exemplary interest in promoting innovative governance models and economic freedom to create prosperity in Nigeria. He founded Abelar, an organization that focuses on advancing special jurisdictions locally. His bylines have featured on the Institute for competitive governance and The Cable Newspaper.


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