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New Company Towns?

Hi everyone, My last newsletter stated that there are three ways to start a city: be a government, start a religion, or have an economic reason. I would like to add a

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starting a charter city

Starting a Charter City

I like to joke that there are three ways to build a city, 1) be a government, 2) have an economic rationale, or 3) start a religion. Governments have two advantages. First, they

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Links Roundup: May 2020

Prospera, ZEDE Legislation and More: Charter Cities Commentary Hi Everyone, Prospera, Honduras just launched on the island of Roatan. It is a ZEDE (Zona de Empleo y Desarollo Economico), the legacy of

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Links Roundup: April 2020

Sign up for our twice-monthly newsletter here! Covid, Trump, and Sri Lanka: Charter Cities Commentary Hi Everyone, I hope you’re doing well and staying safe. Marc Andreessen emerged from his Twitter

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