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15 minute cities

15-Minute Cities Will Solve Inequality

Old Enough! Is a Japanese TV series that follows young children running their first errand alone. In the first episode of season two, we saw 5-year-old Ken travel to his neighborhood grocery store in Western Tokyo. His mission, handed down from his mother, was to

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Marron Conference

The NYU New Cities Conference

On March 11th, the Charter Cities Institute (CCI) and the Marron Institute of Urban Management co-hosted the NYU New Cities Conference in New York City. The event brought together economists, political scientists, architects, and urbanists to discuss the challenges of and solutions to Africa’s rapid

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Charter Cities and Climate Change

Charter cities can play an outsized role in the climate change agenda Since charter cities are limited to new special jurisdictions policymakers can test innovative ideas in a smaller geographic area

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research agenda

CCI’s Research Agenda

CCI s new research agenda outlines the 5 research topics most important to the charter cities movement and helps guide our research on urban governance economic growth and poverty alleviation

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