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Planning Guidelines

Urban planning is ultimately a dynamic process that must evolve as the needs of the city evolve. These guidelines provide an overview of how charter city planners can effectively create a charter city that generates sustained and inclusive economic growth.

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state of charter cities

The State of Charter Cities 2021

Charter city projects are under construction and governments around the world are acting: the charter cities moment has arrived. This report first reviews both the past and present of the charter cities movement, and then lays out a vision as to where this movement is headed. This was written by Mark Lutter, Kurtis Lockhart, Jeffrey Mason, Carl Peterson, and Heba Elhanafy.

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Lagos: The Tale of a City and an Empire

Urban development of African City-States have long contributed to its proud history of civilization. On its tropical East Coast, Kilwa Koswani developed and flourished alongside other city-states. Kosami, a city-state turned Empire, formed

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