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Walking the Un-Walkable: Findings Report

Urban infrastructure in major cities is inadequate to support pedestrian mobility. In Zambia, for example, the majority of citizens rely on walking for their daily travel, but unfortunately, sidewalks are often inaccessible or non-existent, and urban expansion makes travel time longer. To help address this

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A photo during the walking event

Walking the Un-Walkable: First Outing

One afternoon in 2021 in D.C., we made fun of a friend who couldn’t cross a street properly. My friend who grew up in a sub-Saharan city said she was not used to crossing or walking in streets. She replied, “We don’t walk in Africa.”

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Walking the Un-Walkable: First Publication

“Walking the Un-Walkable” delves into the act of walking in Lusaka, examining both the obstacles and possibilities for enhancement. The project seeks to produce policy briefs and research that are grounded in evidence. Our goal is to provide guidance for a transformative approach to urban

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